Retro-a-go-go! Meet bouji & nouna...

Hooray, what a retro-fabulous way to start the day. Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Amber Lahav Elgarisi from a little handmade label in Tel Aviv, Israel called bouji & nouna. A kindred spirit of {KID} independent, Amber is inspired by vintage design and mid-century bold colours, and today I’m delighted to share some of her collection with you.

Retro Kids Decor, Clothing, Bedding and Accessories

All items in the bouji & nouna collection are handmade in limited edition releases. Amber’s aim is to infuse bright colours and interesting patterns into all of her items, to serve as stimulants and amusement for babies, and to encourage them to reach out and explore their surroundings. I’m particularly gaga over the puppy dog shadow pillow, pictured here in “houndstooth” {how apt} and bright pink.

Retro Kids Decor, Clothing, Bedding and Accessories

All of the Bouji & nouna products that you see here are available for purchase online, with reasonably priced international shipping available.

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