Cherishing Childhood.. A Collection by Em

I’m always inspired by a vintage collection that brings together old fashioned tailoring and design with modern fabrics and flair. Adding such a garment to your child’s wardrobe feels just that little bit special. It’s almost like you’re incorporating a touch of history into their playtime. Today’s showcase comes to you from a children’s label based in the Garment District of New York City. Introducing Em…

Em Clothing - Vintage Inspired Girls Clothes

TheĀ Em Clothing Collection is inspired by the fashion of the 1930s-1950s. You can expect to find whimsical pieces such as pinafore dresses, tailored shorts, wing sleeve tops, playsuits and my personal favourite, the Sailor Day Pants. Em have just released a few new pieces for the northern summer, but there’s still good news us Southern sisters. Most of the items can be easily mixed and matched, or paired with tights and long sleeves to take you through the winter and into spring.

Em Clothing is available for purchase online. International shipping is available upon request.

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