Creative Cravings... Fabulous Florals!

Good morning! Are you ready for a fun-filled week? I’m kicking off the day with a big bouquet of floral delights, each handmade with love by a talented independent designer. Take a deep breath and get high on the fruity fragrances and heavenly hues. After all, just because the weather’s turning cold, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a teeny hint of spring up your sleeve…

Handmade Floral Dresses, Capes, Shoes and Clothing

  1. Girls Floral Vest by Girly Glitz
  2. Custom Made Tea Dress by Sohomade
  3. Snoozy Corduroy Handmade Doll by Rabbit!Rabbit! Softies
  4. Children’s Reversible Corduroy Cape by Amelie and Atticus
  5. Flower Sketch Ballet Slippers by EvieLaLa
  6. Handmade Vintage Fabric Dress by Miss Haidee

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