Heavenly Little Rose Winter Giveaway!

Oh happy day! The lovely Mijke from Little Rose has just released her winter collection and it’s sweet as sweet can be. Think pink, yellow, orange, white, red and grey in a mix-and-match selection that will have you wishing you could be 4 years old again, even just for one day!

Handmade Girls Clothing by Little Rose

Handmade Girls Clothing by Little Rose

The Little Rose Winter 2011 collection is inspired by The Sound of Music which is evident in Mijke’s inclusion of a lederhosen inspired bubble dress in ruby rose. The little pink spotty vest is reminiscent of traditional Austrian dress, and the twirly skirts in icy blue/grey display hints of the Austrian Alps. Round this out with a healthy heaping of ruffles and you’ve got a charming wardrobe that any little girl would adore.

Handmade Girls Clothing by Little Rose

Handmade Girls Clothing by Little Rose

Handmade Girls Clothing by Little Rose

Congratulations to our winner Jessie B.

CompetitionAre you gaga for the Little Rose winter 2011 collection? Good news, we’ve got a beautiful matching outfit to giveaway! To enter, simply pop over to the Little Rose Store to view the full collection and tell us {in the comments section below} which item is your favourite. A winner will be drawn on 19 May, 2011.

*The winner will have a choice between the “baby pack” containing a Ruffled Karla Legging and Unna O Dear T-shirt; or the “big girl” containing a Ruffled Romy Skirt and Sonja Flamingo T-shirt. Bonus entries for sharing this giveaway on twitter, facebook or your blog.

The lovely images above were taken by Renee from NFE design.

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92 comments to Heavenly Little Rose Winter Giveaway!

  • Kayana Theobald

    The ruth dress is far above all the rest, this is not a test, or a joke out of jest, but i truly love “ruth” the best!

  • Lisa Loechel

    Every girl, young or old, should have a pair of red shoes and the “Rose” shoes are truly heavenly!

  • Jemima

    The scarves are just too cute – love them – especially the colours!

  • seana

    I really love the skirts the cameo one and the red one but if your pressing me to choose now I’ll go…cameo

  • Renee

    The Heidi skirt is too CUTE!

  • Kristy Dekker

    I love the Romy Skirt, it’s so cute!!!!

  • Fa

    The total-look ‘Louisa’ Skirt with legging is just beautiful. ‘Liesl’ greyshoes and ‘Rose’red shoes are also terribly cute.. and I forgot’Elsa’ terrific red dress also… Do I really have to choose??!

  • Oh my, everything is so sweet! My favourite would have to be the Ruth dress, closely followed by the Lotte hat. Both are completely adorable.

  • Kim

    I am loving the Romy skirt – such a darling skirt.

  • Kirra

    All beeeaaauuuutiful. Love the vivid colours for winter!!!! Fave dress = ‘Elsa’ and I love the little bonnet ‘Lotte’ too. Just divine on my little blondie!

  • Brooke

    Have to say the Lotte hat. Have to, because my 2 y.o. daughter saw it on the screen and exclaimed “Oooooo! Pwitty haaat!”… I think she likes it hehe.

  • Jeannette Lockett

    Love the colour & style of the ‘Brigitta’ blouse, it would look great with a pair of tights.

  • Cheryl

    Oooh it is so hard to choose! Beautiful beautiful just love the ‘Gitta’ Vest, really original and mad about spots! The bonnet is so adorable! I have been looking for a bonnet pattern that I like for ages, looks like I don’t have to make one myself after all!

  • Jodie

    Romy Skirt

  • karina w

    Oooh I love that red bonnet. It’s super cute and warm, especially if your baby hasn’t got much hair!

  • Kristie

    I love th3e rose shoes, the liesl shoes and the Ruth dress.

  • Carolyn

    The Louisa skirt – I love the pattern and colour that is a bit different but it’s still so sweet and girly.

  • claire evans

    the skirt “romy” its so girly, its as if it was made for skipping along the grass and picking flowers in the autumn sunlight

  • Terry D'Souza

    The Louisa Skirt is my favourite!…

    Louisa Skirt with cameos –
    Wish you could hear my OOHs and OHs!
    Dutch fabric has such style that shows,
    Pure elegance by Little Rose.

  • Starla

    The Louise skirt is just darling! I can see a very happy little girl twirling in this one!

  • Michelle

    T-shirt Sonja reminds me of my travels in Kenya where I experienced an absolute sea of flamingoes, all standing on one leg, just like this one.

  • Angela Grant

    The ‘Liesl’ shoes are devine,
    They suit my little girl just fine.
    Petite and unique,
    They’re oh so sweet,
    Would look gorgeous on her feet.

  • Sara

    I love the ‘Louisa’ Skirt

  • Natalie

    What I love about the Littlerose collection is the ability to mix and match creating new looks with a few key pieces. What inspires me most from the collection is the Ruth Dress…its bright for Winter with the karla leggings, but come summer it will be cool and ‘chic’ with a nappy cover!

  • Helen

    So so beautiful!! I love the Liesl shoes (in the red and the grey). The Krista pants are pretty cool too. Nice stuff 🙂

  • Brooke

    The “Unna” t-shirt & “Karla” ruffle leggings look great!

  • Linda

    The Ruth dress.
    Not because it’s my mum’s name.
    Or an awesome chick from the bible.
    But because it’s simply gorgeous.

  • Linda

    Have shared on Facebook:
    Linda Castle Hoadley
    Competition to win a lovely girl’s outfit.
    Linda May 13th, 2011 at 9:31 pm The Ruth dress. Not because it’s.
    Win a gorgeous handmade girls outfit from the winter 2011 collection by Australian label Little Rose.
    18 seconds ago · · Like · · Share

  • jodi mollard

    I love the romy skirt, so sweet!!

  • renee l

    The Sonja long sleeve tee, quirky design, the flamingo make for a real stand out piece. Perfect for my daughter who wont wear jumpers in winter just long sleeve tops.

  • Sam

    The Ruth Dress…..devine

  • Cheryl

    My Granddaughter Sakura would look absolutely adorable in the *Brigitta* Blouse, With her half Japanese look she would be irrestible

  • Jessie

    The “Lotte” bonnet is so gorgeous – if I HAVE to pick one favourite! Lovely.

  • Melissa

    Gorgeous winter collection. The Helena skirt is beautiful and my favourite in this collection.

  • carolRittner

    The Heidi skirt is my favourite, its lovely

  • Nicole L

    I love the Romy skirt 🙂 so gorgeous

  • The Romy skirt is gorgeous!

  • bren

    I love the Romy Skirt, simply beautiful

  • Charlotte

    Love, love, love the clever Karla design and bright colours used. Sure nice to see ‘girly’ designs for little people!!

  • Lauren Fisher

    As adults I believe we choose a clothing style that reflects our personality, so why shouldn’t our children. My daughter chose skirt ‘Louisa’ from the collection…and it does reflect her personality; funky, independent, unpredictable and girly!

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