Long. Live. Bambi.

I’ve been heart-jacked by this retro lamp from Lark and it keeps looking at me with its big brown eyes willing me to buy it and love it forever & ever. We’d live happily every after, in a fairytale land with woodland creatures and go on magical adventures involving Disney characters & musical numbers. Okay, wait, I think I may have ingested a bit too much cough syrup… it’s cute though, huh!?

Handmade Bambi Night Light Lamp by Heico

This adorable Bambi lamp is handmade by Heico in a very old factory in Germany from retro-styled plastic that is child-safe and unbreakable. Also in the range you’ll find toadstools, gnomes, rabbits and squirrels.

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1 comment to Long. Live. Bambi.

  • Fernanda Molina

    I want to know where can I by the bamby lamp?
    I live in Germany, but may be it is available to by it on internet?

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