Sublime Sunday... Plaid is Rad!

Playful, pretty, precious plaid… It’s a little bit rustic, occasionally country, and wonderful for winter. Splash it across your wardrobe, love it in your living space or wear it as a hat! I’m particularly fond of the charming boys plaid waistcoat by dapper dudes; it reminds me of the ABC TV “end of broadcast” screen.

Plaid Kids Clothes, Toys, Hats and Waistcoats

  1. Tom Cat Art Doll by Little Black Crow
  2. Upcycled Girls Plaid Dress by Sewn Natural
  3. Little Woodland Bear with Freckles by Sleepy King
  4. Checkered Mouse by Timo Handmade
  5. Madden Boys Waistcoat by Dapper Dudes
  6. Newsboy Hat by Casanee’s

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