Smiley Saturdays... Pumpkin Perfection!

I’ve always been a lover of colour, in particular rich tones and vibrant hues. This Autumn I’ve found so many lovely items in pumpkin, mustard, burnt orange and yellow. It’s so lovely for accessorising and brings with it a warm, cosy feeling. This week I fell in love with a cute little handmade cloth doll from Lybo, and this feature practically wrote itself! Enjoy your Saturday!

Pumpkin, Mustard, Orange Kids Clothes, Dresses and Toys

  1. Upcycled Eco Toddler Dress by Red Tree Designs
  2. The Juliette Necklace By New Fashioned Whispers
  3. Handmade Cloth Doll by Lybo
  4. Hand Knitted Teddy Bear by Simpli Jessi
  5. Anna Maria Handmade Rag Doll by Edgehill Avenue
  6. Cute Little Creature Girl Print by Honey Cup

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