Creative Cravings... Ravishing Redheads!

We’re wild about redheads in all kinds of hues! Be it ginger, or strawberry, or ruby, or red. It’s time to celebrate ravishing ringlets, magnificent manes, and terrible tangles. Or perhaps you’re blessed with curly coiffure, or luscious locks… or perhaps a beautiful bouffant!? Whatever you’re wearing on your head, love your colour!

Redhead / Red Hair Dolls, Brooches, Art and Clothing

  1. Nanna’s Garden Smock Top by Little Toot Creations
  2. Read Me a Story or Two by Oh hello, dear!
  3. Handmade Red Hair Doll by Matilde Beldroega
  4. Children’s Dolly Tee by Ola & Olek
  5. Redhead Bunny Girl Brooch by Miss Marionette
  6. Cute Face Handmade Felt Magnet by Yali Paz-Gilboa
  7. Focus Camera Girl Locket by YaelFran/Polarity
  8. Sweet Sleeping Doll by Misfit Menagerie

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