Music Review... Recess Monkey, FLYING!

Today I’m getting my rock n roll geek on with FLYING!, the brand new CD from music superheroes Recess Monkey. Featuring, the excitable Jack “Mustachio” Forman, lover of brocolli, peaches & Joan Jett. The charming Drew “Super Cheese” Holloway, science wiz & asparagus eater and; Daron “Prof. Pinstripe” Henry, mango enthusiast and advocate of the underrated yet cheerful, Rainbow Chard.

Jack Forman, Drew Holloway and Daron Henry - Recess Monkey

FLYING! is a CD that packs a punch in the melody stakes, all the while presenting dance-worthy, bop-along tracks with witty lyrics that will have the kids dancing while you drift off into daydream land {after all, even grown-ups wish they were superheroes}. The album is inspired by every kid who has donned a bed sheet and flung themselves off couches, bunk beds and trampolines. The sound is an eclectic mix of harmonies, Hawaiian ukelele, jangly guitar, and funky drum beats blended with a hint of Dixie-land Jazz and the odd Calypso beat!

I particularly love the bluesy sound of “sidekick”, a heartwarming and fun tribute to friendship. I’m also very fond of the jazz stylings of “My Valentine”. However, for sheer fun factor, I can’t go past “Super Stuffies”. Listen to it as you zoom around the room with your hand-towel-cape adorned stuffed toy. Here’s a little look at the music video for “sidekick”, you can also visit the Recess Monkey website to view more videos and learn more about the band.

FLYING! by Recess Monkey will be released on 21 June, 2011. This is definitely one to add to your wishlist folks, and is sure to become a family favourite.

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