The Iceman Cometh.. and Giveth Some Swag!

If you ever met a Yeti, would you shiver, shake & huddle? Or would you run right up to him and give him an atomic cuddle? Perhaps you’d admire his furry attire & serve him cocoa by the fire? Bake him cupcakes with sugar on top, teach him to dance the lindy hop? Knit him a sweater in pink or green? Offer him wizz fizz & red jelly beans? Whichever you choose, don’t wait too long, because Yetis are rarer
than a “Proclaimers” hit song.

Handmade Kids Beanies, Scarves, Toys and T-shirts

Handmade Kids Beanies, Scarves, Toys and T-shirts

Congratulations to our winner Ange S.

CompetitionAre your little ones starting to feel the winter chill? Good news! This week we have a delightful hand knitted bamboo scarflet from Zaynee Designs to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter the draw, just tell us {in the comments section below} about your latest kids fashion purchase. A winner will be drawn on 12 May, 2011.

  1. Yeti Hat by Caseybot
  2. Hand Knitted Coverall Hat by NYrika
  3. Handmade Lion Softie by Tiddlywinks
  4. Friends with Sasquatch Kids Tee by Tiny Whales
  5. Bamboo Childs Scarflet by Zaynee Designs
  6. Where the Wild Things Are Costume by The Radical Thread Co.
  7. Tumble Girl Toy from Lark
  8. Yetis Are Crap at Knitting Magnet by TinaSea Monster

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38 comments to The Iceman Cometh.. and Giveth Some Swag!

  • Natalie

    My latest kids fashion purchase?? Well as an online shopaholic.. this occured last night – a Gaia Organic ‘Butterfly Kiss’ Dress. My daughter’s only 5 months old.. but I’m already shopping for size 1 and 2’s.. as I think she’s got enough 00 and 0 already whooops!!

  • lorena Ressano-Fernandez

    hello there, I cant believe the item I have just marked as favorite in Etsy is for a giveaway! very excited :). My last purchased was yesterday for my little one, also from
    What an awesome teething necklace.XXX Lorena

  • Katie H

    Bought a divine ‘Chloe’ dress from Coco & Phoenix – handmade here in Oz. Love that. Wish they made them in sizes for grown-ups. Tres chic. Would look fab teamed with a scraflet too!

  • Joanne Hodgson

    I would have to say a gorgeous thick raincoat from Pumpkin Patch each for my boy and girl for school, they turn 5 the day this comp closes!!

  • Priscilla Cork

    A pair of red Heidi Walks shoes LOVE

  • Jen

    I brought some awesome Little Red Child (off facebook) applique shirts – Couldn’t decide between the birdhouse, toucan or carousel horse, but they’re so reasonably priced I could get all three!

  • Caroline

    A pair of girls’ pyjamas with cartoon figures on them – perfect for the chilly weather.

  • Charmaine Riccio

    A Christmas t-shirt for $2. Nothing like being prepared. I LOVE Christmas!!

  • Virginia

    I have acquired two gorgeous beanies for my daughter, one sweet one with bear ears made with Jo Sharp wool from Bubnut a local designer and another gorgeos owl design from Love Lys creation which covers her little ears. They are so cute, warm and soft to touch. I wish they made them in my size!

  • Rjianon

    Not my fashion purchase, but Nanna went crazy! We love 2nd hand clothes and Nanna has bought at least 20 different items of clothes, all 2nd hand! None look like they’ve been worn!

  • nadia dale

    A pair of plain black tights to go with all cute tops

  • Olivia

    Oh how we do love to shop for the kids, often to the detriment of our own daggy wardrobes!

    I just scored one of the last ‘Flower Power’ Mop Top beanies from – so INCREDIBLY cute and deliciously warm for winter! Nothing like keeping up with the Jolie/Pitt kids (see Chunkee Monkee range)!

  • I have started purchasing gorgeous coats and long-sleeved tops so that my girls will stay warm this winter!

  • Katrina

    we’ve just stocked up on hoodies in our house for both son and daughter – nice and warm!

  • Leonie

    Plain long sleeved shirts. We decorated some by cutting apples in half and making apple prints. Pieces of potato shaped like stalks and leaves topped them off. My 5 year old did his own and it looks fantastic! The other shirts will get hand sewn appliques of my boys’ favourite things like aeroplanes and dinosaurs 🙂 Nothing like wearing a piece of hand made art!

  • I bought a cute little beanie that has a snow bunny on it.

  • Bethwyn Boyt-Cullis

    My latest was winter PJs for my 4yo and 3yo boys. I LOVE how cute they look in their flannie PJs. Every night after their shower when they get dressed it just makes my heart smile at their extreme PJ’d cuteness!

  • Erica

    Fashion is on a small budget for my little cool dudettes. My last purchase for them was last week, five girly winter tops in greens blues and pinks, but my favourite is the cutest little soft pink cords with a ribbed waist and cuffs for my 9 mth old. The lot for cosy but still fashionable $10. Plenty of change for hot chocs and marshmallows!

  • Di

    I bought some cord pants, a long sleeved t-shirt and a matching jacket for my little man. Very very cute!

  • Jessie

    Some red boots for my little girl who is just walking – so cute!

  • Kristie

    Our last fashion purchase was some Pumpkin Patch clothes for a funeral. There is not enough decent quality clothing that is dressy but not too exxy. My kids looked so nice that everyone commented on how well dressed they were. lol.

  • Jemima

    I have just bought the girls new winter boots – how cute are all the kiddies boots – why can’t I get them in my size???

  • jodi mollard

    the most gorgeous owl and bird pj’s form my 18 month old Annabelle, how I wish I could have a matching pair!!!

  • Kirra

    The cutest, sweetest little peasant dress from The Collective Store in Wynnum, Brisbane. It’s got butterflies on the fabric, is beautifully coloured and bright, breezy, happy and so well-made! It’s sized 3-4 but I reckon will still be a fabulous top when Small fry is 5-6. Win!

  • Rebecca

    I bought a hand-knitted woollen beanie with vintage button brooch in ruby red for my daughter from Sheep’s Clothing. We love it!

  • Carmen

    I bought some cloth nappies for my son, the ones that look like jeans. Usually nappies are worn under clothes, but these are so cute they shouldn’t be covered up!

  • ange

    My latest fashion purchase for my little boy is about to be some soomi shoes from Kawaii Kids – just as soon as I decided what colour he would like best.

    He had the olive ones last season and didn’t want to give them up, but there are none left in his size.

  • Tiffany

    The most recent addition to my daughter wardrobe is a black jersey Little Leona dress. Too chic!

  • Wendy Hatton

    A lovely little hand made red coat from a market stall. Too cute to pass up.

  • Sabrina J

    I just bought my big girl a new apron for her 5th birthday so she can help me in the kitchen 🙂

  • Sharyn

    A gorgeous red/black coloured jacket for the wet weather… will keep her dry when out and about

  • Kerrie B

    I went a little oobi mad and bought Mr 1 a whole oufit- pants, vest and hat! Super cute!

  • Jenni-Mae

    My latest fashion purchase was a fabulous fedora hat for my daughter in pinks and purples. She would really love this Bamboo Childs Scarflet!!

  • Alison McCarney

    My latest purchase was a pair of garden culottes with matching necklace from Alice + Elodie, a gorgeous little WAHM business. My 9.5 month old daughter looks adorable in them…well, she looks adorable in everything!

  • I just bought a mermaid custome for my girl. She can’t wait for halloween!

  • Larabelle

    I bought my daughter an almost new FRED BARE long-sleeved navy top with ‘Fred Bare’ in diamantes for $4 from the local Good Sammies! She loves the top, I loved the price!

  • An ‘I love Australia’ onesie. I’m posting it over to my friend in Germany who’s due in June!

  • Gillian Harridge

    Bonds underpants…toilet training time!
    Mind you she tends to wear them on her head more than her bottom 🙂

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