Creative Cravings... Beautiful Blondes!

A couple of weeks ago I brought you a feature all about ravishing redheads, so today I thought it I’d bring you some beautiful blondes! I’m especially smitten today with the work of Hana, who designed the Sweet Tea Girl Felt Pin pictured here on the top right. Her brooches are little works of art!

Blonde Hair Dolls, Brooches and Art

  1. Spring Belle Printable Paper Doll by Ribonita
  2. Sweet Tea Girl Felt Pin by Hana
  3. Lil’ Miss Wooden Friend by The Cupcake Girls
  4. Custom Family Dolls by Crafty Carnival
  5. Don’t Lose Your Heart Brooch by Smil
  6. Annabelle the Knitted Doll by Yarnigans
  7. Sea Cutie Doll by Hine
  8. Raindrops Pocket Mirror By Frangipani Palace

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