Music Review - Light of Morning, Essie Jain

Over the past few evenings our little family has had the pleasure of drifting off to sleep listening to the melodic vocals of Essie Jain and her album Light of Morning. Essie is a British singer/songwriter, who is now based in NYC. Here’s a little look at the album, and also the chance to win a copy of the CD to try out for yourself!

Light of Morning by Essie Jain

Starting out with the engaging track “What a Big Wide World” the CD is designed to slowly wind down, becoming more relaxed with each track. The calming effect kicks in as you head into the second and third songs on the album and if you make it track number 4 before you start pumping out the Zs, you’ll reach my favourite song of the CD, “I’m Not Afraid of the Dark”. It’s lovely to gently sing along with if you’re nursing a little one to sleep. After doing so last night, I’ve been humming it all morning.

Light of Morning by Essie Jain

If you’re interested in incorporating some music into your bedtime routine, Light of Morning is a wonderful place to start. After the kids have drifted peacefully off into the land of nod, you just might feel like hitting the repeat button and taking your own ethereal journey off into the clouds. You can find out more about Essie, take a listen to some tracks, or purchase the CD online at the Light of Morning website.

Congratulations to our winners, Gayle H. and Janet B.

CompetitionWould you like to win a copy of Light of Morning by Essie Jain? We have two copies to giveaway this week to our lucky readers. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us your favourite {or least favourite} part of bedtime in your house. Two winners will be drawn on 23 June, 2011. Entry is open Worldwide.

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32 comments to Music Review – Light of Morning, Essie Jain

  • Have heard lots of good things about this album. My favourite part of bedtime is the quiet snuggle time we share, my least favourite … getting into PJ’s! She HATES getting dressed!

  • I hate just before bath time, trying to get everything tidied and put away, by boy always finds something *important* that he has to do!
    I love just after the bath, all snuggly in his PJ’s and cuddling having a story.

  • Mandy Graham

    I enjoy giving my boys their last cuddles for the day.

  • Melinda Kiss

    Our favourite part of bedtime is when DS lies down quietly and snuggles up to his teddy and then waves goodnight to us. So cute, melts your heart every time without fail.

  • Wendy Hatton

    No matter how well the routine is adhered to or how well prepared there is almost always a delaying tactic. Grr.

  • i’d love to win this!
    we currently have some classical music playing in the boys’ room, on repeat.

    methinks however, that they’ve heard it for so long that they now don’t even “hear” it if you know what i mean.

    after bath time, stories & cuddles – when they should be drifting off to sleep – all i hear lately is much pirate-talk, banging, thumping & what-have-you…

    time for something new perhaps?
    x candice x

  • bjb

    We always talk about the great things that happened that day so we finish up
    on the best note and all feel happy. No matter what age we do this-the babies
    seem to take it in.
    It could be maybe the book we read, the sun coming out or something bigger.
    We try to get them to say how they expressed love that day too.

  • alyna

    reading the classic nursery rhymes to my son as he sings along

  • Angela Grant

    I love bed time!! The one more kiss and cuddle delay routine, which is given without delay and the gudnight, wuv you as I leave the room. The worst part about bedtime is that it means clean up time for me.

  • Priscilla Cork

    Story time (:

  • Vicki

    The bedtime stories, the cuddles and love,
    The smooches and kisses, what I love most of ♥

  • Angylene

    I love reading stories and having lots of kisses and cuddles with my little one at bed time <3

  • ange

    My favourite part of bedtime is cuddles and stories and seeing my little boy calm down and let go for the day.

  • My Favourite part of bedtime is the story reading. I love watching my husband read to my daughter and seeing her concentrate on the pictures, then hearing her say “You’re the best Daddy in the whole wide world” it really is a special daddy daughter moment.

  • i love having a chat with my son before bed, he is very open and chatty at this time of night! and ofcourse kisses!

  • Di

    My favourite is when we read Grug Books to our son when he’s in bed. He loves it, and Mummy and Daddy enjoy it too 🙂

  • Meg Humrich

    I love watching them go to sleep – so peaceful and innocent. I also love stories.

  • Amanda

    I love to read bedtime stories and this is my special time with Jazz.
    Then I like to peek in whilst her daddy gives her special back pats that may be lions walking through the jungle, or perhaps a pig rolling in the mud…
    Finally, once she is fast asleep I stop and listen to her quiet breathing and the occasional LOUD “pop off!” 🙂

  • Alex

    I’m due in a week with my first baby so I’m yet to discover the joys of bedtime! Wish me luck.

  • I love my boys goodnight cuddles and the continuous kisses to delay us turning out the light…but must say I also love the silence once they’ve drifted off!!

  • Belinda

    My first favourite part of bed time is when my 2 and a half year old son wants to say “night nights” to his baby brother. No matter where his brother is he has to say it, so sweet. My second favourite part is when they are both asleep!!

  • Natalie

    My least favourite part is getting my 6mo daugher dressed for bed.. because she’s so tired she gets upset, and I have taken to trying to dress her while I’m cuddling her standing up to try to avoid the tears.
    My favourite part is when my daughter cuddles up to me as she nods off to sleep.. The snuggles make every challenge of the day fade away 🙂

  • Sacha

    The best part of bed time is getting the star baby out of her moon bes and singing her to sleep, then my little boy cuddles up and drifts off to sleep, and I steal a few illicit sniffs of his little head. growing up too fast!

  • I love seeing my husband & daughter tucked up in her bed to read stories – they both love it!

  • Virginia Mason

    My favourite part of bed time is to cuddle up on the bed with my two children, smelling squeaky clean from their baths and read a story together. My four year old loves to join in with the reading, while my one year old listens for a minute, then climbs all over us and the bed!

  • Jessie

    We always ask our boys to share the best thing that happened to them today at bedtime – sometimes it’s funny the things that mean the most to them, other times it’s really touching.

  • Micky

    getting all the little ones bathed and changed and into their beds can be quite a stage act at time

  • Dani

    When my 3yr old has FINALLY run out of excuses for why he shouldnt have to go to sleep! Annoying at the time but i wouldnt have it any other way

  • gayle

    when all the lights go off and everything is really quiet and we are all dreaming together. lovely.

  • Being wanted by someone who loves and cares about you no matter what. I love reading and telling stories.

  • Jessica

    My favourite part of bedtime is when I close the door and he calls out ‘Bye mum’, ‘love you mum’ – he is just adorable!!

  • Hi there! My least favourite part of bedtime is the fact that little one thinks that that’s the time to wake up…

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