Winter by Little Chillies + Special Offer!

Hello folks, today I have the pleasure of sharing some winter goodies from the Little Chillies collection. These gorgeous Australian designs come from a three generational creative team including designer/crafter {Mum}, seamstress/sampler {Nanna} and model {Daughter, Amélie}. The collection is largely influence by vintage styling and French fabrics, and we’re simply adoring this season’s jackets!

Little Chillies Winter Kids Clothing

My personal favourite in the collection is the very special Red Poncho Jacket as pictured here. It’s made from a wool blend with a cosmopolitan A-line shape and inverted pleat at the back. Of course, I’m also a little bit smitten by the Hoodie Jackets with the floral buttons and trims, so the decision making process is certainly a tough one!

Savings and SpecialsGood news! This week you can snag 35% off the entire Little Chillies collection at Baby Be Natural. Just enter the code “LittleChillies” at the checkout to redeem your saving. Offer expires on Saturday 11 June, 2011. Yay, take me shopping!

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