Music Review... Mister G, BUGS!

Today we’re gettin’ on down to the new album from Mister G. It’s called Bugs, and it’s the second release from Mister G {aka Ben Gundersheimer} a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter/ producer who spent the past 20 years of his life as a rock frontman before transitioning into the kiddy rock scene. We’re digging his style…

Mister G - Bugs - A Kids Music Review

The title track on “Bugs” launches straight into a creepy, crawly, shiver inducing audio and visual {you can’t keep the images out of your head} adventure that will have the kids squealing with delight and parents running for the Raid.

If you can make it through alive, you’ll continue through a series of musical gems including my favourite track on the album “Gonna Take my Hat”; a jazzy chronicle of poor old Mister G’s bald head and his penchant for hats and jet-setting around the globe. I’m also very fond of ska-flavoured track “Grilled Cheese”, an ode to one of the best meals on the planet.

Mister G - Bugs - A Kids Music Review

If there’s one thing that I’ve come to appreciate most about quality music for kids, it’s the perfect blend of witty lyrics with a variety of musical styles. Mister G has managed to tick all the boxes with boppy tunes encompassing the sounds of folk, rock, jazz, bluegrass and bossanova. I think it’s plain to see that this guy’s got rhythm. It’s in his blood… as evidenced by the very last track on the album; a rendition of “Benny and the Jets” by Mister G at age 9, classic!

Find out more about Mister G at his website, and get a free download of the song “Bugs”.

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