Creative Cravings... Magnificent Musk

Hello, Hello, Hello! Whilst pondering which handmade delights to share with you today I was reminded of “The Betty Draper” dress by Australia designer Mackenzie Mode that I stumbled upon recently. I’m not sure that I would ever find a suitable occasion for which to wear it, but I think I’d like to hang it in my closet nonetheless!

Musk Pink Girls Dresses, Handmade Toys, Booties and Beanies

  1. Birds and Bees Vintage Party Dress by Lottie Da
  2. Hand Knit Baby Dress by Joretta Natural Knits
  3. Pink Crocheted Baby Booties by Chrissie’s Corner
  4. Kitten Button Headband by Alianna May Designs
  5. Ruffled Shorties with Railroad Stripes by Amelie Jo
  6. Children’s Lounge Pants by The Green Kat
  7. Cotton Candy Amigurumi Bear by Ami Cafe
  8. The Betty Draper Dress by Mackenzie Mode

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