Queen for a Day... A Right Royal Theme!

Ooh, don’t you just love long weekends? We’re celebrating the Queen’s Birthday here in Oz today which means that we get to lounge about drinking tea & eating scones all day! Woooo! So in honour of Her Majesty The Queen, I present a Right Royal Theme! For those who like their Queens a little offbeat, how fabulous is Blythe as The White Queen? LOVE!

Queen for a Day - Dolls, Art, Cupcakes, Cookies

Meet Nat - Our Theme Challenger

Thanks to everyone who left a theme challenge comment on our facebook page this week. We decided to run with the Queen theme as suggested by Natalie Souprounovich in honour of the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend. We’re also delighted to have Natalie along for a “5 minutes of fame” interview.

One thing that most people don’t know about me is…
I love listening to soloist piano music.

If I could quit my day job and have any job in the world it would be…
I would travel the world as a photojournalist for lonely planet, publishing my own series of coffee table books featuring quirky cultural captures. More realistically it would be illustrating childrens story books.

The motto I like to live my life by is…
All good things come to those who wait and stay in-touch with your inner child.

The song that makes me sing out loud like a maniac is…
“I’m just a girl” by No Doubt, because it reminds me of being young and free.

If I were a superhero, my super power would be…
Being able to clone myself so I can be there for both of my daughters as well as cleaning the house, spending time with my husband, doing the gardening and hanging the washing out. While the master clone spends time illustrating.

My idea of complete happiness is…
Positivity, there will always be worries but if you stay positive you can see past the worry and bask in the sunshine of happiness.

Queen for a Day - Dolls, Art, Cupcakes, Cookies

  1. Robot Alphabet Print Q is for Queen by MamaRobot
  2. Queen Paperdoll Moleskin Cahier by Munieca
  3. Queen of Hearts Waldorf Art Doll by Dria Peterson
  4. Scrabble Queen Altered Art Doll by Elizabeth Parsons
  5. Cookie Crown Cake by Disney Family Fun Magazine
  6. White Queen Blythe Outfit by RSStudio
  7. Princess Aurora Cape by Saflower Designs
  8. Crown Cookie by Jill’s Sugar Collection

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