Old Plastic Bags... Fabulous New Life!

I recently enjoyed reading a wonderful feature and creative project by Jessica Haley on Joyfolie and thought you might find it inspiring too. Jessica was inspired by The Reusers Guide to Green Living to create some shoes from materials that would otherwise be discarded. The result was this collection of upcycled cuties.

Upcycled shoes made from recycled plastic shopping bags

The first pair in the collection {pictured above} are made from a bunch of brown plastic grocery bags from a local general store. The second pair {picture below} is made from a Starbucks Coffee Bag, and the final pair, sporting a bright red logo that is no doubt familiar to you, is made from a Target plastic shopping bag. Aren’t they amazing?!

Upcycled shoes made from recycled plastic shopping bags

You can read more about Jessica’s upcycling project online at her blog.

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