Mamas on Mondays... Rhapsody in Blue

Rise and shine! It’s Monday again, and time to give your week a big kick up the proverbial {fill in the blank}. Today I’ve assembled a bunch of beautiful handcrafted treats especially for women. There’s something for every style and budget, so…. go forth and shop your heart out!

Womens Clothing, Jewellery, Accessories, Art and Decor

  1. Antique Birdcage Scarf by Snoozer Loser New York
  2. Busy Jones Messenger Bag by Sparky Jones
  3. Chocolate/Blue Printed Resin Cuff by LucidDoll
  4. Handmade Leather Shoes by Fairysteps
  5. Blue Hobo Bag by Made by Nanna
  6. Louise Asymmetric Circle Skirt by Mother Maria
  7. Tufted Titmouse Photo Print by Elgarbo Art
  8. Winter Boulders Necklace by Leonie Simpson

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