Music Review... Sunshine Collective, Wanna Play?

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of spinning a few tracks from the debut album by Sunshine Collective. It’s called “Wanna Play” and it’s filled with the whimsical, sun-shiny vocal stylings of Stephanie Richards and is jointly composed by Stephanie and songwriter/producer Brian Arbuckle.

Music Review - Sunshine Collective, Wanna Play?

My favourite track on the album is “Love Makes Life So Sweet” for it’s smooth, floaty melodies and heavenly violin {courtesy of Dan Weinstein}. The indie pop sounds of “LA (Beautiful Day)” are also quite addictive and the Dixieland jazz tones of Mad About You are perfect for sliding around the kitchen in your winter slippers, whilst singing into a wooden spoon and waiting for the timer to go “ping” once your cupcakes are ready… {welcome to my Sunday morning}.

Music Review - Sunshine Collective, Wanna Play?

Congratulations to our winners, Belinda A. and Sandra G.

I’ve given “Wanna Play” several spins around the old CD player over the past few days and each time it has grown on me a little bit more. You can buy the album, or take a listen to a few of the tracks at the Sunshine Collective website. Give it a listen, it’s sure to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step!

CompetitionWould you like to win a copy of Wanna Play by Sunshine Collective? We have two copies to giveaway! To enter, simply tell us in the comments section below, your favourite thing to do in the sunshine! Two winners will be drawn on Thursday 9 June, 2011. Entry is open worldwide.

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25 comments to Music Review… Sunshine Collective, Wanna Play?

  • Pauline Sikweti

    Lie in the grass and play cloud shapes with my beautiful little man

  • Everything! My little girl turned four this week, most of our best memories are of sunny days. We love to garden, or play with the dog, swim at the beach, rockpool rambles, arts and crafts on the deck, tea parties and treehouses! A couple if weeks ago we discovered Kite flying! What a hoot!

  • Jessie

    I love a picnic in the sunshine… all the better if a hammock is around :0) The CD sounds lovely!

  • ange

    Blow bubbles with my 2 year old.

  • Sharyn

    Bathe in the warmth from the sun, watching my pet rabbits explore the back yard and the chicken search for bugs

  • Sandra

    Gardening on a sunny day, while my grandchildren pick flowers (usually the one’s I don’t want picked). One of them picked off the lemon buds just as they were starting to grow. No lemons for me this year, but a precious memory to have.

  • sharyn heinl

    sit on our deck and soak up the warming rays (especially on a chilly winter day) and watch the little ones play with their outdoor toys and bikes.

  • Rebecca

    I like to look for spiderwebs with dew on them in the sunshine. They glisten like silk.

  • I love just lying there and soaking up the warmth, whilst getting some much-needed Vitamin D. It’s effortlessly and convenient to do it anywhere.

  • Bec

    the cherubs and I love watching the chicken mosey about in the sunshine.

  • isabeau

    Photographing my kids playing with bubbles. The glistening bubles and bright smiling faces are a perfect combination for memories.

  • Janice

    Drink cocktails! haha

  • Kristy

    Master 3 and I love to fill a container with water, grab a couple of paint brushes and paint rainbows on the footpath while soaking up some vitamin D 🙂 Happy Days!

  • karina w

    I like to go for walks outside and enjoy the fresh air!

  • Belinda

    Put up the beach tent in the backyard and have a picnic with my two young sons!

  • On a sunny day it is nice to buy ice-cream and sit at the beach watching the boats, waves and birds play.

  • Amanda Gorton

    Sleep, the warmth of the sunshine is like my drug, its has a calming, sedative effect!

  • paula hudson

    Love to go to the beach, let my daughter play in the sand and water 🙂

  • Jessica

    I love to just sit outside and soak up the beautiful warm sun.

  • Naomi

    Playing with the hose in the backyard – very un PC but at least the grass gets a watering in the heat 🙂

  • Jodie

    Going to the beach or park for a picnic with freinds and family

  • Natalie

    On these cold winter days.. when the sun is shining I love getting outside with my 6 month old daughter and playing on a picnic blanket in the yard.

  • Kristie

    I love getting on the swing in the park and leaning backwards with my eyes closed and feeling the sun on my face. Bliss!

  • Vicki

    Sitting on a jetty fishing with my boys and reminising about our wonderful memories we have created as a family 🙂

  • Olivia

    We all know the tune – a little ray of sunshine on a cloudy day – sad as it sounds, I just wanna’ get the washing dry during winter and a sunny day is the perfect opportunity. I hate washing hanging around the house!

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