Creative Cravings... All About Aqua!

Aqua is one of my all my time favourite colours. It’s perfect for unisex purchases and it goes so well when matched with pink, navy, white, chocolate, cream, tan, and even black. So today I thought I’d share a few sweet aqua pieces from my favourites collection. On a side note, aren’t those little cheeks on the top left just about as pinchable as they come!?

Aqua Handmade Kids Theme - Toys, Clothing, Shoes

  1. Organic Cotton Acorn Baby Onesie by Schoolyard
  2. Reversible Pinafore by Bodhi Handmade
  3. Reversible Baby Shoes by Weepereas
  4. Hand Felted Slippers by OS Handmade
  5. Organic Cotton Elephant Tee by Loglike
  6. Organic Octopus Onesie Gift Set by Growing Up Wild
  7. Little Kitty with Teddy Bear by The Winter Fairy
  8. Organic Petit Marin Sailor T-shirt by Pure Pixie

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