Creative Cravings... Breezy Brunettes!

Hi folks, I hope you’re having a fab weekend. Today I’ve assembled a cute assortment of brunettes for your handmade viewing pleasure. I’m especially smitten with the little cutie on the top right hand side cuddling her kitten. I also got a bit of a giggle from the flying kamikaze kid in the “I fell off my bike” art print by Tummy Mountain; such an amusing facial expression!

Brunette - Handmade Dolls, Art, Hair Clips, Brooches, Accessories

  1. Bubbles Art Print by Multiple Personality
  2. Little Sailor Girl + Kitty Brooch by Fluffs Stuffs
  3. Boy Doll with Moustache Sewing Pattern by Dolls and Daydreams
  4. Handmade Wooden Clothespin Dolls by Mooshoo
  5. I Fell Off My Bike Print by Tummy Mountain
  6. Brown Hair Rag Doll by Lil Sprinkles
  7. Brunette Coquette Hair Clips by Viv Dot
  8. Girl & Flower Clip Set by Saira Rose Designs

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