Think tall, even when you're small!

You probably already know that Giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world, but did you know that the Giraffe can also run as fast as 56 kilometres an hour over short distances? That’s some serious speed… It’s amazing that they don’t end up with whiplash!

Handmade Giraffes - Softies, Toys, Bibs, Puppets, Papertoys

Handmade Giraffes - Softies, Toys, Bibs, Puppets, Papertoys

  1. Eco-friendly Giraffe Sustainable Wood Walker from Eco Toys
  2. Giraffe Baby Hat by The Crafty Tortoise
  3. Amigurumi Giraffe by Treacher Creatures
  4. Freddy the Giraffe and Friends Baby Bib by Babiease
  5. The Wild Bunch Printable Papertoy Kit by Mibo
  6. Giraffe Sugar Cookies by The Crafty Penguin
  7. Faux Giraffe Felt Taxidermy by Anatomically Incorrect Creatures
  8. Giraffe Hand Puppet by Cate & Levi

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