Music Review - Hey Pepito! by Key Wilde & Mr Clarke

Hello music aficionados! It’s time for another kids music review, and if you’re feeling a little bit sluggish today, prepare to be bounced off your seat like a grape on a trampoline. My album of the month is the new release Hey Pepito! EP from dynamic duo, Key Wilde {who spent his early days in Texas and North Carolina honing is musical roots in Bluegrass} and Mr Clarke {raised in England, with a bit of time in France on a diet of early punk music}.

Kids Music Review - Hey Pepito! by Key Wilde & Mr Clarke

Hey Pepito! by Key Wilde & Mr Clarke takes storytelling to an awesomely entertaining place, bursting out of the gate with the title track which tells the tale of the crazy Pepito and his effervescent adventures. The drum beats and guitar riffs in this track are as good as any you’ll find in your own music collection. I DIG it… plus after listening to it half a dozen times I’ve decided to bring the expression “Good Grief” back into my repertoire…

My second favourite track on the album is called “Don Mario’s Song”, another upbeat number that utilizes so many funky instruments that you might put your back out shimmying along. Follow this up with the dreamy and nail-biting folksy stylings of Mary the Fairy and you’ve got yourself a stellar album that is sure to become a turntable staple {okay, yes, well not many of us own turntables anymore… but you know what I mean}!

Kids Music Review - Hey Pepito! by Key Wilde & Mr Clarke

You can listen to some tracks or buy yourself a copy of Hey Pepito! at Little Monster Records.

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