I believe I can fly...

Watching the birds as they sail on the wind. Trying to figure out the reason why. Picturing wings held together with string. One day to fly… As someone said and I believe. Try if you dare, you can walk on air. A dream is all you need, A circle that takes you high. Lighter than air as the earth goes by. Through a spiral in the sky. One Day to Fly, Alan Parsons Project.

I Can Fly by Ruth Krauss & Mary Blair - Little Golden Books

Flying, Kites, Balloons, Wings, Childrens Art

  1. I Can Fly by Ruth Krauss & Mary Blair from Little Golden Books
  2. Dress up Wings Tutorial by Llevo el Invierno
  3. The Experiment Print by Hillary Bird
  4. Follow the Wind Print by Naokosstoop
  5. Flight by Kite Print by Roadside Projects
  6. Books Can Take You Anywhere Print by The Little Fox
  7. Flight Patterns Print by Lindsay’s Bake Shop

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