What if pigs COULD fly?

Yesterday I shared a selection of little kidlets with sky high dreams. Today we take a little look at what the world would be like if mammals aimed for the clouds. After all, they have big dreams and active imaginations too! My favourite of our flying friends is the angel winged Boston Terrier. His matter-of-fact facial expression and effortless gliding technique gives me the giggles. Fly my pretties…. fly!

Flying Pigs, Bears, Penguins, Dogs and Super Cats

  1. ‘The Journey’ Elephant Print by Beehawk Studio
  2. Dream Big Print by Honeycomb Print Shop
  3. Flying Pig Print by Seven Olives
  4. Flying Boston Terrier Print by Mis Nopales Art
  5. The Little Flyer Teddy Bear Watercolor by Rose Hill Design Studio
  6. Float Away Penguins Print by Sadly Harmless
  7. Flight Training Art Print by Water Bears
  8. Super Cat Causes Trouble Painting by Love and Monsters

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