Music Review - Together by Stacey Peasley

Hello friends, are you in the mood for some tantalising tunes and tomfoolery? Today we’re listening to Stacey Peasley’s album “Together”. Stacey hails from Boston, MA and is a Mum of two & a song writing extraordinaire. Musical achievements under her belt so far include a 2010 Nickelodeon Parents Connect Parents’ Pick Award, and a Silver medal in the Mid Atlantic Songwriters Competition.

Kids Music Review - Together by Stacey Peasley

Stacey’s album is good fun right from the beginning, launching immediately into the hepcat beats and jazzy piano stylings of the title track “Together”. She then makes her way through several musical styles from pop, to folk, a little bit of country, and a sprinkling of disco with track 5, “Dance Party”… get on down!

“Trouble” and it’s chorus “Trouble, trouble, trouble, I don’t look for trouble… but somehow trouble finds me” struck a familiar note in this household and I’m sure that it was written about a little man I know! I’m also fond of the track “Mommy Saved The Day”. It’s country-esque flavour is super fun for boot scootin’ around the kitchen (simultaneously delighting children aged 5 and under and humiliating children aged 6 and over… apparently), and of course, it’s nice to feel like a bit of a hero on the odd occasion! Other honourable mentions include track 9, Lazy Day for it’s soothing melodies and track 11, Jen for it’s late 80s, early 90s pop rock sound.

Kids Music Review - Together by Stacey Peasley

You can find Together by Stacey Pleasley online at iTunes, or listen to sample tracks at Stacey’s website.

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