Design Your Own Sweater at Toto Knits

I love a good old fashioned hand knitted sweater, so when I found out about the new “Design Your Own Sweater” feature from Kenyan artistic project Toto Knits, I was super keen to try it out! You can see my attempt at fashion design below. I’m loving the simplicity of the pink and teal stripes. You can try your hand at designing one here.

Design Your Own Sweater at Toto Knits

Toto Knits create ethical, organic children’s fashion using organic cotton {grown locally in Nairobi} which is coloured with bio-friendly dyes. The collection is made by a group of single mothers in Kenya, many of whom have been marginalized due to lack of education or opportunities.

Ethical, Organic Children's Clothing by Toto Knits

The “Design Your Own Sweater” feature allows you to choose your style, colours and hand-crocheted accent to create your own bespoke sweater for $35USD. You can mix and match the colours through an online app to see how the finished product will look. Toto Knits also have a range of ready-to-wear sweaters, as well as hats, booties, leggings and blankets. International shipping is available.

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