BAKED by mum - Cookie Dough Giveaway!

Oh my heavenly chocolately goodness… I think I’ve found the tastiest “home baked” chocolate chip cookies on the planet. I had the {lets face it, extremely pleasurable} task of road testing a batch of “BAKED by mum” cookies on the weekend and the result was, delicious!

BAKED by mum Cookie Dough Mixes

Firstly, I should say that it was my intention to bring you a series of photos of my family tucking into these cookies, which were baked by me {the kitchen novice} and delicately placed on a three-tiered cake plate in High Tea style. However, after making coffees for the adults and smoothies for the kids, by the time I sat down at the table I was lucky to snag one of the last couple of cookies from a plate full of crumbs!

The cookies that we tested were from the pre-made dough range in Milk Chocolate. They are all natural and are made with no added preservatives and big chunks of chocolate, yummo! The range also comes in White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, TRIO Chocolate, White Chocolate Macadamia… and many more. Gluten free varieties are also available. The good news is that if you’re not a expert at baking, you just can’t go wrong. Simply cut the mix into portions, roll into little balls, place on a baking tray and you’ll turn out a perfect batch every time.

BAKED by mum Cookie Dough Mixes

BAKED by mum is available for cookie dough fundraising. Delivery of cookie mixes and doughs is now available Australia-wide.

CompetitionNow… are you ready for the mouth-watering news? We’re giving you the chance to road test your own batch of cookies! We have two packs of BAKED by mum cookie dough to giveaway to two lucky readers. To enter, simply visit BAKED by mum and tell us in the comments section below which flavour you would most like to try! Two winners will be drawn on 18 August, 2011.

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