Fresh Baked Friday... Come On Get Happy!

Hooray, it’s almost the weekend! I’m in a fabulous mood today as once I hit the publish button on this fun Friday post I’m off to the shops for a spot of retail therapy, a leisurely coffee and a piece of cake and a grocery shop that consists primarily of sugary ingredients for a weekend of baking… it doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s heaven.

Bright colourful art, handmade toys, brooches and accessories.

  1. Blue Bird Clutch Purse by Misala Handmade
  2. Ooii Soft Sandals by ZUZII
  3. Perm Papa Socks from Kawaii Kids
  4. Ridley’s Retro Giant Bouncer from Lark
  5. Art Print ‘Odette’ by Little Beehive
  6. Mr. Trendy Moustache Upcycled Brooch by Supercursi
  7. Handmade Dino Soft Toys by Noodoll
  8. Big Eyed Pixie Elf Vintage Squeak Toy from Oopsee Daisies!

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