Celebrate Earth Music Series... Wild Child!

This week I’ve had the pleasure of listening to the latest CD from the “Celebrate Earth” music series by Recess Music, “Wild Child”. The album takes listeners on a journey through Africa, meeting the beautiful animals that inhabit the land along the way. It embraces not only the enchanting sounds of Africa but some vivid imagery that is certain to send little imaginations… well, wild!

Celebrate Earth Music Series... Wild Child!

Wild Child starts out with a laid-back lullaby styled track that takes you on a trip through the Serengeti, and then moves on to my favourite track on the album “Sunrise in the Jungle”. The beat kicks in with the amazing sounds of “Africa Calling” and “Elephant in the Congo”, which has a strong conservation message. The tracks are educational for both kids and adults, and the album presents a {non-confrontational} message that encourages environmental consciousness.

African Animals

It’s quite impossible to listen to this album without your imagination slowly turning your walls into trees, your rug into jungle foliage, your lounge room furniture into lions, rhinos and cheetahs, and your couch cushions into monkeys and macaws! You can purchase “Wild Child” online through iTunes, or through your favourite music store.

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