Music Review - Making Silly Faces!

Spinning on the decks today is “Making Silly Faces”, the soon to be released fifth album from children’s musician Nick Deysher {performing as “In The Nick of Time”}. Nick won a Parent’s Choice Gold Award in 2010 for his album People, Places & Things so I was pretty excited to give this one a whirl.

Childrens' Music - Making Silly Faces by In The Nick of Time

Jumping right out of the gate with track one “The Sun is Up” you’ll immediately feel a twinge of nostalgia with guitar riffs reminiscent of The Rolling Stones… so make sure you get your Jagger moves on. The album then moves through a range of music genres from hip hop to disco, picking up some punk rock and even some classic Led Zeppelin-esque rock stylings along the way. One of my favourites is the title track “Making Silly Faces”. It’s laid back hip-hop sound reminds me of early De La Soul. Ahh, the memories.

Childrens' Music - Making Silly Faces by In The Nick of Time

Other top tracks on the album include the hilarious “Pirates Never Say Please”, damn them and their terrible manners. Expect this one to be sung over, and over and over again by your little rapscallions. Can I get a Yaaaaaarrrrr!?

I also dig the jazzy Steve Wonder inspired “High Five Hive”, “Punk Rocks” and the theatrical “I Tried It, I Like It”. In fact, with the storytelling and musical journey that this album presents, I can imagine “Making Silly Faces” being transformed into a musical production or pantomime complete with costumes and dance numbers!

Making Silly Faces by In The Nick of Time will be released on 6 September, 2011. Give it a listen or buy it here.

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