Behind the Scenes with Simone from Nomuu!

Hi folks! I hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start. Today I have the pleasure of welcoming the lovely Simone, a Melbourne illustrator who creates a series of adorable works of art under the “Nomuu” label. You may have spied her work on {KID} independent before in one of our “Creative Cravings” features. Today, you have the chance to find out more about the person behind the art!

Illustration, Art Prints and Greeting Cards by Nomuu

Nomuu is…
A Melbourne illustrator Simone Downey who creates cute, quirky illustrations of deers, bears and bunny characters. My background really is in multimedia design, specifically web design these days. I also teach multimedia subjects such as web design, Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash. I only started illustrating about a year or so ago, before that I was too scared to pick up a pencil and draw.

Five words that describe my personality are…
Helpful, inquisitive, quiet, humorous and perceptive.

I would describe my design/artistic style as…
I’m not exactly sure to be honest! Maybe… quirky, cute, child-like and contemporary? I find it hard to describe my art style, since I am relatively new to illustrating. I always want to know how others would describe my work. Note from editor – I’d describe it as whimsical!

Illustration, Art Prints and Greeting Cards by Nomuu

My creative process involves…
When I feel inspired, I just start doodling characters with pencil and ink. I tend to have a large stack of illustrations and when I feel compelled to {usually when I am stressed}, I bring them out of the drawer and start colouring them up in Photoshop. It’s only when I begin colouring up these illustrations that they really begin to come to life. When they are just line drawings with no colour I really don’t see their potential. They really do take on a life of their own once they are textured and coloured.

The thing I enjoy most about creating my art is…
Seeing them come to life. I enjoy the creative process, of not knowing exactly where the character is headed and then at the end seeing something I had not envisaged. Before I start the design I do have a particular style and colour palette in mind, but it usually never ends up how I envisage it. It’s like the art directs me, which is a really nice process.

I also love that people connect with my work. With comments like, “they’re adorable” or “so cute”, how can you not be chuffed?

Illustration, Art Prints and Greeting Cards by Nomuu

When I sit in my office/creative space and look around the room I see…
A lot of mess! Ha ha! Yes it’s true, I am quite messy, but I am trying harder to be organised, because it really does help with the creative process. I also have a large antique desk that I design on, lots of stackable drawers, lots of art books. I don’t have much artwork on the walls, but I do have one of my great grandmothers paintings hanging on the wall.

My three most prized possessions (apart from my kids/family) are…
My Macbook Pro, my bachelors degree certificate and my brain (he he!)

When I grew up I wanted to be…
I think I wanted to be an interior designer when I was quite young. I had an obsession with interiors.  I did in fact study interior design, but it was too stuffy for me!

I actually became…
A multimedia designer and now illustrator.

Illustration, Art Prints and Greeting Cards by Nomuu

The number one thing that most people don’t know about me is…
That I am really into entrepreneurial pursuits, I lap up anything about online start-up companies.

If I could trade places with anyone in the world for one day it would be…
A Melbourne entrepreneur called “Guy King”. If he sees this maybe he will in fact let me come work in his office for a day – he he! He is one of the founders of RetailMeNot, a coupon website, but what I love is tht he just came up with the idea {web designer}, put it together in a weekend just investing like $30 bucks on a domain and the site recently sold for $90 million. It’s not the monetary gain that I care about, nor the concept, it’s now that his firm has the ability to create concepts that they enjoy working on and developing.

I would love to be able to have the money to invest in great online concepts and see them come to life. I try to do that as much as possible like with my site Ammiki {a curated gallery}, but development constraints are harder when you have don’t have large budgets to invest in. So yep I would love to trade places with Guy for a day, so Ammiki could be built how I imagined – he he!

Thank you Simone, we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better.

If you’d like to view more of Simone’s work, drop by and say hello at Nomuu.

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1 comment to Behind the Scenes with Simone from Nomuu!

  • Loved this interview and it was nice to meet Simone!
    I’d like to add that, I put Simone’s illustrations and characters into a “narrative” style – there is so much more than cute and adorable in her illustrations. You can look at them and just start telling wonderful stories. Thinking about her character’s lives and adventures is just irresistible to me!
    Wonderful work indeed!

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