People's Day at the Ekka!

Hey folks! If you’re in Brisbane you’ll be enjoying not only a public holiday, but also people’s day at the fabulous Ekka! We’re big fans of the funfair in this household and this mornings excitement is about to reach fever pitch! So today I thought I’d share a bit of carnival creativity with you, as always, handmade by some super talented indie designers and artists. Have a wonderful day!

Carnival Theme for Kids

Carnival Theme for Kids

  1. Ferris Wheel Brooch by So Little Time
  2. Cotton Candy Cookies Recipe by The Decorated Cookie
  3. Eat Cake Carnival Dress by Broken Ghost Couture
  4. Vintage Carnival Sunsuit by Charming Necessities
  5. French Carousel Romper by Oopsidaisi
  6. Vintage Swings Art Print by Elgarbo Art

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