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Day Nine… Introducing the “Humpty Woz ‘Ere” tee from the crafty folks at Monkeys Over The Moon! So what’s the REAL story of Humpty Dumpty? The truth is that Alice was a very naughty girl… and Humpty was pushed! Luckily, these days all the king’s men have upgraded their skills to “all the kings paramedics”…

Monkeys Over The Moon Humpty Dumpty T-shirt

World T-shirt Tour - About the Designer

Monkeys Over The Moon is based in Perth, Western Australia. Each beautiful design in the collection is hand-stitched by designer and Mum of three little monkeys, Georgie. Most of the tees that Georgie uses are made from 100% Australian grown cotton, and every t-shirt tells a story. Drop by the Monkeys Over The Moon facebook page to view more designs.

And so the story goes… One day Georgie asked her 3 year old son about Humpty, and he said “he was pushed off a wall Mummy”. Georgie thought, wouldn’t it be funny if the “golden haired girl” was just a little bit naughty. After all, Georgie is Mum of two golden haired daughters and her son always insists it was “the girls that did it Mummy”! So there you have it, the NEW “thru the looking glass”, a tale according to Monkeys Over The Moon.

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