Creative, Cute and Culturally Diverse Dolls

It’s an unfortunate facet of mainstream culture in Australia that walking into a toy store usually results in a wall of Caucasian dollies with only the occasional exception. One of many things that I love about the handmade community is the diversity and uniqueness of each creation. So today I thought I’d share some of my favourite multicultural dolls, in all their resplendent glory.

Multicultural Dolls - African American, Hispanic, Asian, Aboriginal, Indigenous

After trekking across the city, I did indeed discover a couple of local toy stores that embrace cultural diversity such as K & K Creative Toys. I also love to shop at online stores such as Educational Experience and Windmill Educational Toys. Do you make multicultural dolls? Tell us about it in the comments section!

  1. Handmade Little Sunshine Dolls by Cuckoo for Coco
  2. Frida Handmade Doll by Raplapla
  3. Custom Waldorf Style Doll by Prudence
  4. Waldorf Doll by Little Jenny Wren Dolls
  5. Kim Sunshine Doll by Viola Studio
  6. My Teeny-Tiny Dolly by Cook You Some Noodles
  7. African American Doll by Snippet Fairy
  8. Mini Betty Doll by Eclectic Critters
  9. Eco Friendly Macy Doll by Evie & Henry
  10. Pretty African American Rag Doll by Lybo
  11. Robin Crocheted Doll by Sweet Dolls
  12. Multicultural Rag Dolls by Sophie & Lili

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