Fresh Baked Friday... I Love You, PinkNounou!

Good morning friends! I’m so glad to have made it to Friday after a hectic week living in a madhouse! It’ll be an evening of takeout and lounging around for me! To send you off to the weekend with a smile on your face I thought I’d share some gorgeous images from one of my favourite handmade houses, PinkNounou.

Pink Nounou Handmade Dolls and Toys

The star of this post is a gorgeous little doll called Zambezia who I stumbled upon earlier this week. She is a new addition to the collection and is inspired by designer Ana’s country of birth, Mozambique.

Have a FABULOUS weekend! Join us tomorrow for breakfast, we’re serving up scrambled eggs on toast with a side of indie style!

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1 comment to Fresh Baked Friday… I Love You, PinkNounou!

  • Jaci Evans

    Zambesia is adorable! She (even he) is kid-size, colorful, adaptable and lovable. I am a great grandma and always looking for creative ideas to share with my little blessings.
    Found you and Pinknounou through Pinterest and am excited about following both.

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