Music Review - Practically Ridiculous by The Jimmies!

Wahoo! It’s new music time and I’m so excited to share the brand new CD from New York Kindy Rockers The Jimmies! These guys make music that ushers kids out of the cutesy nursery rhymes stage and into the real music world. Their lyrics are kid-oriented, but their sound is super-powered pop that grows on you with each repeated spin on the stereo.

Practically Ridiculous - Kids Music by The Jimmies

Practically Ridiculous is the second full-length album from The Jimmies {due for release on 20 September, 2011} and features thirteen tracks riddled with tongue in cheek humour and funky rhythms. The beat kicks in right from the get go with “Birthday”, a kick butt tribute to the happiest day of the year. Track two, “Minivan Hot Rod”  continues the pop tone with a Missy Elliot / Gwen Stefani inspired sound and hilarious lyrics that had me in fits of giggles. The visuals it conjures up are quite something, especially if you actually OWN a minivan!

Practically Ridiculous - Kids Music by The Jimmies

Other tracks that had me grooving include “Fine Art” with its gritty big band sound and the bath tub anthem “Wash Up”… Check Baby, Check Baby, Scrub Two Three. I used to be clean, but now I’m dirty! Track 8, “Laugh in any Language” manages to promote diversity and encourage sing-a-longs simultaneously. However, my favourite track on the album is “Every Day’s A Holiday”… try to pick the musical influence in this one folks! I can definitely say that the coolest aspect of listening to Practically Ridiculous was appreciating the nods to various iconic rockers and songs. It’s super fun for kids, and kinda nostalgic for Mum and Dad. Rounding out the album is “Kids Wanna Rock”… turn it up and play it loud!

Practically Ridiculous by The Jimmies will be released on 20 September, 2011. You’ll be able to find it on iTunes, or at your local record store.

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