Music Review - U R SOME 1 by Recess Music

In my opinion, you can never have too much music in your collection, especially when it’s upbeat, feel-good, soul quenching fun. Today I’d like to share the latest CD from Recess Music, U R SOME 1. It joins Recess Music’s recently released “Big Bully” in launching the “Best Foot Forward” series.

U R SOME 1 - Best Foot Forward Series by Recess Music

U R SOME 1 features twelve awesome tracks that celebrate uniqueness and difference with the aim of boosting self-esteem and promoting harmony. The album kicks off with the cheerful message that “U R U”… perfect just the way you are… courtesy of Southern Californian trio, The Happy Crowd. Then it’s time to learn all about “body parts” with Amy Lowe, and spark your imagination with “it’s amazing what you can do with your brain” by Katherine Dines.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is Anna Moo’s “you’re an animal too” for it’s bluesy vocals and toe-tappin’ beats. I also dig track 8, “follow your nose” which encourages kids to go their own way in the world instead of following the crowd {and I love Seth Decker’s voice}. Honourable mentions also go to “five senses boogie” and “feet”… love that big band sound!

U R SOME 1 will be released on 18 October, 2011.

Big Bully is available now from the Recess Music website.

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