Design Candy... Bamboo by Bombol Bouncer

This month, the folks at Danish by Design have released the Bamboo by Bombol seat for the first time in Australia and it is modern design candy at its best. The styling is sleek and minimalist with a lightweight frame that is highly flexible and can hold up to 18kg. It’s available in three colourways {spring lime, elephant grey or coconut cream} and is a case of “come for the style, stay for the features”…

Bamboo by Bombol Bouncer Seat from Danish by Design

The basic concept behind the design is its versatility. It has a flexible 3D frame and elasticised fabric that lets your little one choose a position {sitting, playing, resting} simply by shifting their weight. You can lock in a position by adjusting the straps when needed and release it again without having to move the child out of the seat.

Bamboo by Bombol Bouncer Seat from Danish by Design

The bouncer is suitable for newborns through to toddlers, with an additional “newborn kit” available that includes a head support. The harness on the seat acts as a safety brace, but once your child is older, you can remove the brace and use the seat as a stylish mini lounge chair. Plus, once you’re finished with it, 95% of the Bamboo seat can be recycled at the end of its life. Good news!

Bamboo by Bombol Bouncer Seat from Danish by Design

You’ll find the Bamboo by Bombol online at Danish by Design.

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