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It’s Whimsical Wednesday, and you know what that means… time for a new Designer of the Week! I’ve had so much fun these past few weeks putting together these products reviews. I hope you’re enjoying them too! Today’s guest is Paula from dents de loup and she’s brought along a cute little member of her handmade brigade!

Handmade Dolls and Toys by dents de loup

The Product Review

The cute little striped fellow or “bonhomme” {in French} doll that you see above is a handmade toy that is designed specifically with little ones in mind. It’s made with a very simple shape and funky stand-out stripes that fits perfectly into the little hands of 0 – 4 year olds. I love the fact that this doll is not gender specific, so it can be loved by all and has a basic design that acts like a “blank canvas” so that kids can create all kinds of adventures using their imagination and creativity.

The bonhomme doll is made entirely by hand from cotton thread and twine and is available in a selection of 10 different colours. The design manages to achieve a awesome mix of modern aesthetic and handmade authenticity, with a touch of whimsy on the side. The little fellow who arrived in our mail box for review has so far been squished, chewed, hugged and slobbered on by an adoring 12 month old and seems to be enjoying every minute of it. He is surprisingly resilient and always up for a challenge {that goes for the doll, and the 12mth old!}

The Final Verdict… Clever, Universal and Playful

The Indie Label

The dents de loup store on Etsy was launched in late 2010 and is just celebrating its first anniversary. However, the creative mind behind the label, Paula, started making characters for her children around 6 years ago. She choose the name “dents de loup” because of her love for a beautiful french song by Serge Gainsbourg called “Dents de Lait, dents de loup” or “Baby Teeth, Wolf Teeth” that her children sang all the time. Baby teeth, wolf, sheep, dolls… all full of words and images that made Paula think of childhood.

The Creative Mind

Paula is Mum to three children; Emile {8yrs}, Gaspar {4yrs} and Victoria {2yrs}. She is an Argentinian Mum, currently living in India with her French family. She draws her inspiration from many different avenues including things she finds on the internet and in magazines as well as toys, beautiful photos and inspiring illustrations. She also loves to observe and listen to her children while they play, and invent stories which gives her lots of ideas for characters, colours and shapes.

The Whimsical Spirit

Paula in her own words… “A mother of three children does not have much “free time”. And when I’m not busy with themselves or with the daily life of any mother I “play” with my dolls and imagine new ones…”

The Handmade Collection

Paula’s wonderful collection includes a range of toys made from cotton yarns and fabrics, and occasionally felt. In the range you’ll find friendly animals from sheep, to lions, cats and bunnies. You’ll also find her latest creations, a collection of handmade superheroes! You can view more of the range online at Paula’s Etsy store, or visit her blog for all sorts of design inspiration.

Handmade Dolls and Toys by dents de loup

Handmade Dolls and Toys by dents de loup

Handmade Dolls and Toys by dents de loup

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