Designer of the Week - Frankie Small

Hi folks, it’s time for another fabulous handmade product review! This week we’ve taken the reversible wrap dress from our friends at Frankie Small out for a spin around the block. We’re also delighted to share a little bit of insight into the creative brains behind the operation, Becky.

Handmade Children's Reversible Wrap Dress by Frankie Small

Handmade Children's Reversible Wrap Dress by Frankie Small

The Product Review

The Reversible Wrap Dress by Frankie Small is one of those items that is certain to become a “go-to” item in your spring/summer wardrobe. The silhouette is easy-wearing and comfortable and the fabrics are vibrant, playful and fabulously fresh. The design is now in it’s third season at Frankie Small and is one of Becky’s top sellers. It’s made from 100% cotton on both sides, and will be released this season in a variety of limited edition fabrics.

The dress that we road-tested had a lovely blue floral pattern with red polka dots on the flip side {swatch below}. Apart from the gorgeous fabric, my favourite feature of this dress is it’s versatility. Firstly, it’s two dresses in one, just {do the hokey pokey} and turn it inside out… and you’ve got yourself a brand new dress! Secondly, the wrap design is adjustable so it will last you at least 2 seasons, and possibly 3… and with children growing faster than the grass in the backyard, this is particularly handy! It can also be worn with a long sleeve top and tights in the cooler months.

The Final Verdict… Whimsical, Functional and Fun

The Indie Label

Frankie Small was given its new name mid last year replacing Becky’s previous label “kix clothing” which she started 4 years earlier. Becky came up with the name when her little one was going through a faze of waking up a 5am…

“‘instead of waking the whole house I would take him for a walk along the foreshore. Every morning for weeks my meditation whilst walking in these wee hours of the morning was coming up with a new business name. I would look at the boats moored along the foreshore and look at their names for inspiration. Just about anything became my inspiration and with frustration I began to think of unisex name, one of which is Frankie. I couldn’t have just “Frankie” so after adding many words I came up with “small” and I loved it instantly.”

The Creative Mind

Becky is a mum to 3 beautiful crazy kids {who often appear in photos wearing ‘frankie small’ wares}. Finn is the eldest and he is 7, then Ilaria who is just 5 and Eli who is 2 and a half. Becky draws her design inspiration from a desire to create unique pieces of clothing that are both function and original. It is for this reason that all of the designs in her collection are reversible, adjustable or recycled and are always produced in small limited edition batches.

The Whimsical Spirit

Becky in her own words… “I never stop! Sometimes I wish I could but then I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I love being a mum and allowing myself to be creative along the way. I never believed I could make a living out of being creative until I discovered the sewing machine. Now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Recently I have discovered screen printing and I am totally hooked. I am passionate about creating clothes that are ethically made and that have as little impact on the environment as possible. If it can be recycled or if it can last longer than expected then I am happy.”

The Handmade Collection

As well as her lovely wrap dresses, this season Becky will be releasing a selection of screen printed t-shirts, super cool fisherman pants, summer play suits and smock tops, and printed linen sets for little ones. Here’s a little sneaky peek at the new range.

Handmade Children's Clothing by Frankie Small

Handmade Children's Clothing by Frankie Small

Handmade Children's Clothing by Frankie Small

Handmade Children's Clothing by Frankie Small

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