Fresh Baked Friday... Feeling Fruity!

There are so many delicious strawberries around at the moment, I think I’ve eaten about a ton of them! They’re so great in smoothies, with ice cream, on top of cheesecakes {yum} or even on their own. I’m also a fan of zesty lemon tarts, apple crumbles, and freshly squeezed orange juice! Of course, you can do more with fruit than just eat it, you can also wear it as a hair accessory…

Strawberry, Lemon, Cherry, Apple, Orange Hair Clips

  1. Evie Strawberry Hair Clips by Please Eloise
  2. Strawberry Felt Hair Clip by Siiri
  3. Fruit Slice Bobby Pins by Szeya Designs
  4. Apple Hair Clip Holder from My Poppet
  5. Citrus Hair Clips by Puddin’s Retreat
  6. Strawberry Delight Hair Elastics by Sophie & Jack
  7. Pink Beaded Strawberry Baby Hair Clip by Hair Fairy
  8. Little Apple Felt Clip from Little yoyo Styles
  9. Cherry Snap Hair Clips by Flirty Bird
  10. Strawberry Bow Hair Clips from My Rocking Wardrobe
  11. Red and Green Apples Hair Clips by Dusty Plum
  12. Lemon Hair Clips by Little Birds Boutique

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