Handcrafted Sandals by Georgia On My Mind

I’m a big fan of the simple summer dress accessorised with a cute pair of sandals for summer. That goes for kids and mums alike! This week I spied a delightful range of handmade leather sandals from Georgia On My Mind and I’m loving the cool colours and contemporary styling! The collection includes a selection of styles for kids, and a full range for grown-ups.

Handmade Leather Sandals for Kids by Georgia On My Mind

Georgia On My Mind in based in Yarraville, Victoria {AUS} but their collection is handcrafted in Europe by artisans using traditional techniques passed down through the generations. Each pair of sandals is made from hand dyed vegetable tanned leather using 100% environmentally friendly techniques and raw natural untreated leathers that become softer with age. I love the colours!

Handmade Leather Sandals for Women by Georgia On My Mind

Georgia On My Mind Sandals are available at a range of Australian stockists. Please see their website for details.

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