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Good morning friends, are you ready to meet our Designer of the Week? Today it’s my pleasure to introduce Kasia Leach from kasiabear designs. Kasia has sent in a brand new addition to her range that has come fresh off the screen printing bench and directly onto to {KID} independent pages. Join us as we take a little peek inside Kasia’s creative mind!

Be a Kid Handmade Skirt and Girl's T-shirt by Kasiabear Designs

The Product Review

The “Be a Kid” Skirt and Tee Set by kasiabear designs is a happy mix of sweetness and mischief all rolled in to one. Reading through the funky black and white screen print brings memories of childhood flooding back {to the oldies} whilst aptly describing the average week of your little angels. Ahhh, to be 5 years old again, when singing loudly whilst spinning in circles until you fell over was cute and charming {as opposed to crazy and cause for medication}.

Now for the knitty gritty… the top half of the “Be a Kid” set is made from a 100% combed cotton tee, which is soft and cool for summer, and features playful cap sleeves with a hint of “puff”. It’s screen printed by hand with the images featuring a slight “distressed” look which adds to the charm. The skirt is made from black and grey knit cotton {95% cotton, 5% elastane} with a comfy elastic waist band and a layered silhouette with a “ra-ra” skirt effect. I love the monochromatic colour palette of this set, it’s a nice departure from pink and floral. It can however be printed in a variety of colour combinations {these sets will be available for order from kasiabear designs on Friday 21 October, 2011}.

The Final Verdict… Cheerful, Nostalgic and Perfect for Play!

The Indie Label

“Kasiabear” has been designer Kasia’s nickname since high-school. According the Kasia, the nickname originated because she was cuddly {so to speak} but it kind of stuck and she’s always liked it. When her daughter was born Kasia called her “baby-bear” and as she got older and her son came along, he got the name baby-bear and her girl got “little-bear”, and of course, Kasia is “mama-bear”. Long story short… Kasia liked her nickname and the bear theme seemed to follow her around so she decided not to fight it, but to run with it instead!

“I originally started making my little girl t-shirts and a few simple dresses in mid 2009. After the birth of my little man I realised how little cool, comfy and fun boys stuff there was around, especially handmade. I was so used to having a huge choice for my girl but it was not so when it came to boys. In early 2010, after settling into the role of mumma to two amazing little beings, I wanted to reclaim a bit of the old me.. a designer and photographer and somehow blend it together with the new me… a mumma who likes to create unique clothing and artwork for her kiddos. So, I decided to give my little business/hobby a name.. and I opened my store.”

The Creative Mind

Kasia is Mum to a little 4.5yo chatterbox called Ella and a 2.5yo bug hunting extraordinaire named Zac. She draws her inspiration from her love of photography, design, art, paint and her of course, her children. She also has a keen interested in typography and inspirational quotes, which provided the foundation for the “Be a Kid” set.

“I think that children should be encouraged to be kids and to have fun while they are young. Life is too full of responsibilities as an adult, so let’s get back to everyday pleasures. The screen-print of the text on both the skirt and tee is done the old fashioned way through a stencil and is printed roughly for a distressed / grungy look. I wanted to keep to cottons / knit fabrics for each piece so that the kids could in-fact enjoy all the activities listed while wearing the set.”

The Whimsical Spirit

Kasia in her own words… “I have always wanted to be a pilot, and I always mumble… “When I grow up I’m going to be a pilot”. Needless to say my little man’s room is full of planes, and I’m happy for them to come into my studio if he doesn’t want them when he grows up! I also love DIY and painting. I think I can do anything myself and give it a good go, pity about my arm span being so short, or I could do a lot more. Seriously though, I get power tools for mothers day and I really need to spray paint them pink so they don’t keep walking off with hubby.”

The Handmade Collection

In the kasiabear designs collection you find a range of boys and girls tees, onesies, wall art, accessories and most recently, skirts! One of the coolest aspects of the label is the “design your own t-shirt” option which allows you to choose your design, and then have it printed onto any choice of t-shirt style or colour. You can view full range online at the kasiabear designs website.

Hand screen printed t-shirts for boys and girls by kasiabear designs

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