Hilarious Heads - Wicked Kids Helmets!

Some of my fondest childhood memories include hurtling down a hill at break-neck speed, hanging on for dear life as the speed wobbles set in as images of gravel-rash and handle-bar acrobatics flashed before my eyes, good times! Owning a bike is right of passage for kids, and learning to ride one is a memory you’ll have for life. Of course, every kid with a bike needs a helmet…

Wicked Animal Bicycle Helmets by Zdenko Santini

These somewhat hilarious helmets are sure to be well received by little speed demons. They’re lightweight but tough, are fully adjustable and can be used by kids aged 3 – 8 years for cycling, scooters, skateboarding or rollerblading. They’re designed in Denmark by LEGO creative Zdenko Santini and you’ll find them online at “look mum no hands!” with worldwide shipping available.

Rad 1980s BMX Trading Cards

While we’re on the topic of childhood memories… how RAD is this set of retro BMX trading cards? Talk about an eighties flash-back! It comes to you courtesy of Thomas Duchnicki’s collection on Flickr. If you’re in the mood for even more memories from the eighties, check out this promo for the film “BMX Bandits“.

“If we’d grown up in Australia, BMX Bandits would have been our Goonies.”

Quentin Tarantino {as quoted on the cover of the DVD}.

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