Designer of the Week - Knuffle Kid

Welcome to the first installment in our brand new feature, Designer of the Week. Each Wednesday we’ll showcase a talented independent designer, road-test one of their products and give you the opportunity to learn a bit more about the person behind the product. Today we’re delighted to introduce you to Emma Strybosch from Knuffle Kid and her fabulous “Witchie Poo Skirt”.

The Witchie Poo Skirt by Knuffle Kid

The Product Review

The Witchie Poo Skirt by Knuffle Kid is every bit as delightful in person as it is in print. The fabric is 100% cotton and I especially love the raw edges and white “ruffle” layering which gives the skirt it’s fullness. The pink and red spotted overlay is made from a tencil fabric and has a cute lace trim. It’s ruched at the back and sides giving it a lovely shape and it goes well with a simple white singlet and sandals, or can be dressed up for special occasions.

My favourite feature of the skirt is the press stud waist which is adjustable to several sizes and grows with your child. Our little tester is 3 years old and her sister is 6; the skirt fitted each of them nicely. Word of warning, three-year-olds aren’t very good at sharing {cut to skirt-withdrawal-symptom-tantrum}. The skirt retails for around $54 and would be suitable for girls aged from approx. 2 – 8 years.

The Final Verdict… Pretty, Versatile and Innovative

The Indie Label

Emma launched Knuffle Kid in 2008 after being offered a spot at a friend’s market. At that stage she was just making things for her family and friends, but she quickly put together a small range and hasn’t looked back since!

Emma loves the book Knuffle Bunny by Mo Williams. Her husband has Dutch heritage. “Knuffle” translated from dutch is “to cuddle” and “Kid” is a baby goat or small child. Emma loves cheeky little critters {Goats + kids}. Put this all together and you get Knuffle Kid!

The Creative Mind

Emma is Mum to Ava (6) and Ruby (4). She found inspiration for this season’s collection “Forest for the Trees” from the story of Hansel and Gretel. Not the weird-children-eating witch bit; the bit about siblings hanging in the forest together, climbing trees, imagining edible houses, getting lost and then becoming found again.

The Whimsical Spirit
Emma in her own words… “When I was child I wanted to be two things 1. a national park ranger 2. a fashion designer. One of those things came to fruition. My talent would be skiing, I’m pleased to admit I can hold my own on a black run. My hobby is gardening {makes me sound like a bit of an old lady} but I love creating an inner-city oasis for my family.”

Special thanks to…
Emma from Knuffle Kid; our little tester Leah {and big sis Tahlia}; and their Mum Patrice.

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