Creative Cravings... Everything But The Quilt!

What do I love about patchwork? It’s a wonderfully old school sewing technique that has a nostalgic appeal. It’s eclectic and almost always colourful, and is perfect for using up lovely scraps and offcuts that are too small for creating an individual piece. It’s also perfect if you’re prone to indecisiveness… or just like to mix things up a bit!

Patchwork Children's Clothing, Dresses, Toys, Dolls, Cushions

  1. Ric Rac Patchwork Dress by The Measure
  2. Cute Patchwork Bear by Cheeky Dolls
  3. Patchwork Pillow by Red Pepper Quilts
  4. Free Spirit Patchwork Skirt by Bitty Bambu
  5. Lotus Flower Bag by Starbags
  6. Shin and Nao Patchwork Bear by MAQET
  7. Hot Air Balloon by Made by Mosey
  8. Handmade Patchwork Doll by Lulu Handmade

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