Music Review - The Deedle Deedle Dees

I’m here today to delight and entertain you with a music review from The Deedle Deedle Dees. Their album is called “Strange Dees, Indeed” and it’s a big bunch of addictive pop-rock hilarity that is every bit as educational as it is entertaining. These guys hail from Brooklyn, NY and are four teachers and musicians who were raised on Schoolhouse Rock, the Pixies, the Muppets and Tom Waits. Right on!

The Deedle Deedle Dees – Strange Dees, Indeed

Launching right out of the gate with my favourite track on the album “Ah Ahimsa” {which is Sanskrit for “do no harm”}, the tone of the album is instantly set. Featuring lyrics such as “Ahimsa, it’s easy, man when you read what the Swamis said… But not so easy when someone hits you on the head”, the song was written by Lloyd Miller {aka Ulysses S. Dee} while working at a wild school in the South Bronx. Here’s a little excerpt from Lloyd about the inspiration behind the track… {you can view the full lyrics here, or listen to track here}.

“I was working with four fourth grades, each studying a different country. The class studying India had an especially difficult time practicing nonviolence. Kids punched, pinned, choked, and generally battered each other just as a matter of course, the classroom teacher unable to stop them and I, armed with my guitar and my jokes, only able to distract them from their brawls.

One day, in an attempt to rein in this one kid who was always throwing himself on the floor to do push-ups or roll around, I suggested that we do some yoga. The kids loved it and it became immediately the only thing they ever wanted to do. I decided to work it into our songwriting activities and in the performance of our song itself.”

The Deedle Deedle Dees – Strange Dees, Indeed

“Strange Dees, Indeed” a collection of songs that goes above and beyond what is expected from a “childrens’ performer”. Tracks such as “a song for Abigail Adams” is a classic that would be well received on any grown-up indie radio station. We’re also digging “Marie Curie”, which takes an eccentric look at the famous scientist and her sneaky radium smuggling adventures.

Other honourable mentions are “Mayor LaGuardia’s Stomach” for the wacky comedy value and jazzy beats and “The Golem” which is fun and educational and was a favourite with the kidlets.

“Strange Dees, Indeed” will be available from 1 November, 2011. It’s definitely worth a listen or two!

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