Wallpaper is Back, Baby!

If you’re thinking about experimenting with some interior decorating over the holiday break, I urge you push paint aside for a moment and think back to the papery walls of yesteryear. Last month I met Kaliska Poynter from Crave Interiors and she’s got me in a wallpaper tizzy!

Children's Wall Paper, Crave Interiors

When I was young, I had Holly Hobbie wallpaper on my bedroom walls and would spend hours lying in bed imagining how much fun I could have if I could join Holly and her friends, frolicking through the fields and picking dandelions.

When you think about wallpaper for kids, it’s easy to imagine those old school wallpaper borders that were popular in the 80s {ducks, teddy bears…} but times have changed my friend, and the humble wallpaper industry has had a design makeover. For example, I’m seriously smitten with the Studio Ditte Collection from the Netherlands. How awesome is the robot design, and what about those vintage porcelain plates?

Children's Wall Paper, Studio Ditte, Crave Interiors

You can find a full range of children’s wallpaper, wall murals and decals, and general interior decorating products at Crave Interiors.

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