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Hidely-ho neighborinos! It’s time to introduce our designer of the week. Most of you will know the lovely Belinda from baobab, as she has made quite a name for herself around town over the past few years. I’ve certainly enjoyed seeing her business evolve into the eco-business that it is today. We’re all about the boys today… and we’re… BACK in BLACK!

100% Organic Cotton Kids Clothing by Baobab

The Product Review
Hitting the review panel today, we have an awesome black and beige baobab combo. I must say that it was especially fun to review a super stylin’ outfit for the little guys. The Black Camera Tee features a cute button v-neck design in soft organic cotton. I dig its mod appeal and it is perfectly paired with the Black Cuff Pant which was the star of the show. Featuring a loose fit 3/4 leg in 100% organic cotton poplin, the cut of the pant is simply whimsical. They’re roomy and comfortable, and achieve a funky asymmetrical appearance when placed on little legs. Although we’re focussing on the boys today, the cuff pant is definitely unisex and could be matched with a cute top and a pair of sandals for a gorgeous girly look.

The Final Verdict… Funky, Casual and Modern

The Indie Label

Belinda Blooman launched her label baobab about 5 years ago when her “big gorgeous leggy girl was a sweet smiling fat baba”. Belinda is originally from Africa and still carries Africa in her heart and her blood. Her business name comes from her long term fascination with the baobab tree, which is also known as the ‘tree of life’ or the ‘upside down’ tree, full of myths and legend. According to Belinda, it’s also a “wonderful huge hulking structure, somewhat feminine in form…”

The Creative Mind

Belinda is Mum to Anya who is 9 going on 29. She loves to travel, and picks up a lot of design inspiration along the way. On a recent trip to Hong Kong, Belinda saw a man in the market wearing a pant with a pointy ‘outside inside’ pocket. It was part traditional and part funky Asian. She loved the shape of it and decided to reinterpreted it for kids by adding the cuff and making it unisex. This season the pant is made from organic poplin {which is very cool and breezy for summer} but in future seasons Belinda hopes to incorporate organic wovens into the collection.


<p style= Belinda in her own words… “We spend a month in Europe every 2 years with family. My daughter has spent 3 summers in Italy & the UK… She’s been to the Tate Modern, the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, she’s seen the leaning tower of Pisa and walked the walls of Lucca. Travel is as inspirational for children as it is for adults.”

The</p srcset=

Baobab caters to kids aged 0 – 10 years with a range of tops, dresses, pants, skirts, onesies, hoodies and matching sets. Their design aesthetic features clean, no-fuss styling with a hint of retro flair. Here’s a little peek at the rest of the summer range.

100% Organic Cotton Kids Clothing by Baobab

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